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NCC EEG/ERP/PSG System 60 channel NATION 7128W-D60-EP

Quick Overview

• EEG includes 60 channels, data transmits through fiber optic cable.
• ERP parts mainly consist of visual & acoustic stimulator and current stimualtor.
• PSG has 12 channels, which are ECG (1 channel, 2 leads), Airflow (1 channel), EOG (2 channels), EMG (3 channels: 1 Chin EMG and 2 leg movement), Snore (1 channel), SpO2 (1 channel), thoracic and abdominal respiration (2 channels), Body position (1 channel).
GMDN: 35195
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• NCC EEG/ERP/PSG System 60 channel NATION 7128W-D60-EP

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