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NCC Bio-feedback Neuromuscular Stimulator NTS-2000-BIO

Quick Overview

• Portable and knob design make it easy to operate;
• Voice signal to ensure clear prompt and guidance for patients;
• Large clear LCD screen can display the RMS value histogram;
• Completely free to check the real-time current intensity during the treatment;
• 2 channels can work separately for 2 groups of muscles or 2 patients;
• 4 types stimulation modes, combination of passive & active trainings for a better treatment;
• 52 pre-set prescriptions for 13 body parts to simplify operation;
• Auto or manual threshold control under Feedback Stimulation;
• Free parameter setting is provided for experienced therapists;
• Save up to 12 customized programs for next time use, save time.

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• NCC Bio-feedback Neuromuscular Stimulator NTS-2000-BIO


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