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Micron Optik Monocular Inclined Microscope ISI Marked Model Kg-7a Exel Economy


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* All the objectives are precentered and parfocal to minimise focusing procedures.
* Co-axial built in Mechanical stage with f ine vernier gradu­ ation, designed with convenient coaxial adjustment for Jerkfree smooth slide manipulation through 50 x 75 mm.
* Dust proof quadruple/ quint uple ball bearing revolving nose piece with positive click stops.
* Co-axial coarse & fine focusing adjustment knobs on ball bearing guide ways. Fine motion , graduated to .002 mm.
* Substage Abbe type N .A. 1.25 condenser focusable with rack & pinion, continuously variable iris diaphragm with built in swing out filter holder.
* Steple Grey, chemical resistant , back-on finish .
* Exclusive preset focus fock prevents damage to val uable slides and objectives.
* Heavy rectangular sturdy base, with built-in illumination 6V - 20W halogen lamp.
* Complete parts of the microscope are pressure Die-casted.
* With dust cover packed in styrofoam packing.
* Reflector-Plano Concave Mirror 50 mm

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* Monocular Inclined Microscope Isi Marked Model Kg-7a Exel Economy
* Mechanical tube length 160 mm .
* 45° inclined with 360 degree rotatable binocular head .
* Eye Piece-W.F. 10 X / 18 mm (Pair)
* Built-in illumination-6V - 20W Halogen Lamp


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