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Monitex Bleaching Unit (BR 800)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Cordless polymerization device in pocket size (pen type)
* The system features interchangeable color coded tips for a wide range of dental tasks, which vary in time, optical aperture, soft start options and more
* Standard 7mm aperture, 20second duration
* Wide 9mm aperture, step-up, 10second at 50% intensity and 10 second at 100% intensity
* Veneer 3mm aperture 5 second duration
* Simple to use, innovation design, higher light intensity up to 1500mW/cm2, LED lift time 50,000Hrs, induction charging

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Specifications :
* LIGHT SOURCE : 4Nos of 3W Blue Leds and I No of 3W Red led
* OUTPUT SPECTRUM : 450-470 nm (blue) and 620-630nm(red)
* VOLTAGE : AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.2A
* WEIGHT : 6.7 Kgs net
* DIMENSION : Arm length : 960mm, Total Height: 1245mm


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