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Mindray Defibrillator - BeneHeart D2

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Features :
* BeneHeart D2 is a compact, lightweight defibrillator/monitor that integrates manual defibrillation, AED and pacing with comprehensive patient monitoring functions
* Quick charging and energy delivery at customized energy levels aids effective resuscitation
* BeneHeart D2 offers responders vital signs monitoring including ECG, respiration and optional SPO to enable continuous 2 assessment of the patient
* With the IP44 level of dust and water resistance, D2 offers reliable performance in a variety of adverse conditions
* In AED mode BeneHeart D2 automatically analyzes the rhythm and determines whether a shock is advised. Voice and text prompt guide the user through the process. Voice recording(180 minutes) is also available for after case analysis and review
GMDN: 48046
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Specifications :
* Mindray Defibrillator - BeneHeart D2


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