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Microscope AXL LABO (Binocular with 4 objective & 2 eye pices)

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• LARGE MECHANICAL STAGE- The 150X120 mm Stage Plate incorporates a linear bearing mechanism with right hand low - positioned CO-AXIAL movement Control. It has a travel range of 75mm along the X-Axis and 45mm along the Y-Axis for easy scanning of large specimens. A.0 1mm vernier provides accurate location of the specimen area.
• NOSEPIECE- Precision-built quadruple revolving nosepiece, traveling on ball bearing, ensures a common field Center, on changing magnification and reintroduction. The soft ribbed grip for easy rotation, helps prevent damage, from gripping the objectives.
• Illumination Light Control- Built-to a well contoured, Compact Base, with Convenient hand rests, and powered by a 6V-20watts halogen light source, the illumination. The lamp is precentered for your convenience. Replacement of lamp can be done without opening of base or electricals. Light intensity can be varied through electronically controlled knob. The lllumination is furhter enhanced through well designed illimonator lens system and a substage Abbe Condenser with N.A. 1.25 and built in lris Diaphragm and Filter Holder.
GMDN: 35148
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• OBSERVATION HEAD- Extra Clarity and High Contrast Bionocular Observation tube, rotatable through 3600 inclined at 450, off the horizontal. Adjustable onterpupillary distances and Diopter adjustment ring on the Occular tube, for correction of eye-aquity. Optionally, 3o0, incliend Sedentopf design Binocular tube can be provided
• FATIGUE FREE FOCUSING- Traveling on Ball slides The Co-axial focusing system, incorporates a very precise and were resistant liner bearing mechanisum that eliminates vibration and backlash. The coarse adjustment knob has a built in control to after the tension of the motion. The touch sensitive fine focus knob a are graduated in 0.02mm increments.


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