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Quick Overview

Features :
• 2 Files Shaping System
• Avoids screwing effects: helical angle varies from tip to shank
• Time saving: 10s of use per instrument for efficient shaping
• Less instruments to handle

• Size :20
• Taper : 2%

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Specifications :
• Using HERO Shaper® for orthograde treatment has never been quicker and simpler.
• Conditions such as irreversible pulp pathology, pulpitis and necrosis are easily managed using the HERO Shaper® rotary nickel -titanium instruments at low speed.
• HERO Shaper® files, with their pronounced tapers, are designed for use with the crown-down technique to progressively remove constraints and flare the canal.
• The coronal third is prepared using .06 taper HERO Shaper® files and the apical third is prepared using .04 taper HERO Shaper® files.
• The varying helical pitch and length of the cutting portion of the files provide them with an excellent combination of efficiency and flexibility.


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