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Meditec England Emergency Transport Ventilator

Quick Overview

* Invasive as well as Non-Invasive Ventilation
* Pressure & Flow waveforms with Trends Facility
* Altitude compensation
* FiO2 Measurement
* Suitable with both dual as well as single limb breathing circuits
* Patient History storage capability
* Automatic Parameters adjustment of patient according to Height & Weight
* Battery Backup: 3 Hrs
* Extended battery backup (optional)
* Touch screen as well as knob operated
* Shock Resistant (Drop Test compliant)
* Optional: EtCO2 & SpO2 Measurement
* Nebulizer: 10 180 minutes
* Inspiration hold: Measures patient's lung compliance and resistance, Elasticity, Time constant
* Key lock: Key & LCD Touch Screen Lock
* Waveform freeze: Freezes the waveform
* Alarm silence: Mutes audible alarms for 2 minutes
* Alarm reset: Clears visual indicators and messages.

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* Patient Age Group: Adult
* Operation Mode Battery Operated, Electricity Operated
* Modes of ventilation CMV(VC), CMV(VC),CMV(PC),AV(VC),AV(PC),SIMV(VC),CMV(VC), SIMV(VC), AV(PC), AV(VC), CMV(PC)


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