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Medicare Pulse Oximeter

Quick Overview

* Tested to withstand 25 drops from one meter onto a hard surface.
* Backlit LCD for low-light viewing.
* Measures oxygen concentration and pulse rate.
* Backed by Philips Respironics service and 2-year warranty support.
* Manufactured in North America.
* Uses just one AAA battery for approximately 2,400 spot checks.
* In addition to its reliability and accuracy,GO2 has a patient-oriented display for easy reading.
GMDN: 45607
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* The quality construction and high accuracy of the GO2 finger oximeter allows oxygen patients to take greater control of their lives while creating a new business opportunity for homecare providers.
* Oxygen patients now have a quality alternative in an accurate, affordable and durable oximeter allowing them the freedom they need to go about their activities.
* GO2 provides the opportunity to offer patients a personal oximeter that provides accuracy comparable to professional oximeters.
* Oxygen users will benefit from GO2's reliable and accurate oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring information, which allows them to manage both their oxygen and their activity level.

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