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Medicare Magnavision

Quick Overview

* Seasy manouvrability just at a finger touch.
* Can be fixed with a new fixture to convert it into a Table clamp magnavision or wall mounted Magnavision.
* A new addition to our Magnavision line of products, and the Extension Arm attachment.
* All models, with minor adjustments, can serve virtually as workstations.
* In Medical Applications, it is ideal for use in Gynaec cases & Ophthalmic procedures, Skin & Plastic Surgery, Suture removal, Minor surgeries, O.P.D. Procedures, Colony counting(Micro Biology).
* Illumination provided by internally fitted, imported white bright tube.
* Very handy for highly placed / complicated surgical work(both pre and Post Op.). Also useful for OPD Procedures, clear reading of small size print on any medical related references/ footnotes / contraindication on drug labels, etc.

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* An extremely versatile and vital Inspection device for medical, diagnostic, research and general applicatios.
* Wherever good & clear magnification is needed with pin point accuracy.
* New design & construction have gone into the making of a new Floor stand model with moulded plastic base and other superior features which include.

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