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Medicare Double Sided Phototherapy DSP-100 CFL

Quick Overview

* Head Tilt
* Height Adjustment
* Bili timer (Optional)
* Medical CFL blue lamps
* Baby trolly with tiltable baby tray
* Collapsible acroylic walls
* Transperant accrolic bed
* Unit mounted on castors for easy mobility
GMDN: 35239
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* The V-Care Phototherapy units are established for the treatment of hyperbilirubinaemia, which greatly reduces the need to resort to costly, relatively complex, exchange transfusion of blood.
* The CFL Lamps give high output of light in the therapeutic range, while the extended spectrum of the white light tubes allow better observation of the Infant's skin colour while in use.
* The phototherapy units are mounted on a light weight mobile stand with four castors. They are easy to use and have the following features.

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