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Medicare Dermajet

Quick Overview

* Clinical asepsis-Injector nose never comes in contact with skin.
* Flexibilty-Can be used with any anaesthitic solution or combination of drugs (including steroids & suspension).
* Easy to use-Light in weight, unlike other. Can be primed and fixed using just one hand.
* Easy to maintain-Self cleaning (not requiring other solutions or apparatus). 100% sterilizable by any method.
* Ideal for providing local anaesthesia, vaccination, steroids in treating hypertropic scars(keloids), dermatological leisons, hair transplants, skin grafts, dentistry, biopsies, etc.
* Permits use of small volumes of anaesthetics/steroids while also providing effective levels of the anaesthesia and excellent tissue response.
* Injects the medicaments with greater ease and virtually no pain.
* Provides consistent depth of penetration of medication upto 2 - 6 mm below epithilium, with the injector leaving a wheel upto 5 - 6 mm in diameter.
* Medicine chamber of 4 c.c capacity permits injection of upto 40 shots (each of 0.1 c.c).
* More effective that disposable needles and syringes.
GMDN: 18069
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* DERMAJET B1, is now the leading high pressure, needleless, automatic injector, because of its simplicity, reliability, versatility and affordability and its ideal usefulness in the case of patients who fear/hate needles.

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