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Medicare AED (Mediana A15 Defibrillator)

Quick Overview

Features :
• Instant switch from Adult to Paediatric
• Suitable for all schools, clubs and groups
• Automatic switch on when lid opened
• Pads attached, ready for use
• Pads fit both Adults and Paediatrics
GMDN: 36791
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Specifications :
• The unit is supplied with a protective outer cover, which when opened by the easy sliding switch, automatically turns on.
• The defibrillator pads are already connected and ready to use. LED indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts.
• Visual icons clarify the necessary actions.
• The adult/paediatric mode switch allows the correct setting without changing the pads.
• The battery is disposable, LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable, with 2 years shelf life, and 5 years standby life.


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