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Medicare CARDIOVIT CS-20 T.M.T. Machine

Quick Overview

* PC based cardiac workstation combines Resting & Exercise ECG in one unit.
* Digital Signal Acquisition Module eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signal.
* Full disclosure of all 12 leads for beat-to-beat analysis & extended documentation.
* User configured Multiple Report Format for Resting & Exercise ECG.
* The final report includes information on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Treadmill Speed/Grade, ST Trends relating to stage wise & recovery phase.
* Simultaneous acquisition & display of 12 lead Raw ECG during the resting & exercise ECG mode.
* Time based METS calculation.
* Online Linked Median printing.
* F1 to F8 shortcut keys for important functions.
* Treadmill Soft Stop option for stopping the treadmill after 20 seconds in Recovery Mode.
* Customized Lead Sequence for Display.
* 6 Choice of displaying Lead with Maximum ST Level Depression or Elevation in the Average Complex.
* Identity Card ECG printout.
* Choice of 4 fonts for printouts.
* Web enabled software allows sending images via email.
* Facility to get system generated Auto Statement Report.
GMDN: 16231
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* Medicare CARDIOVIT CS-20 T.M.T. Machine


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