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Electrosurgical Products

Buy electrosurgical products in India

Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency (radio frequency) alternating polarity, electrical current to biological tissue as a means to cut, coagulate, desiccate, or fulgurate tissue. (These terms are used in specific ways for this methodology—see below). Its benefits include the ability to make precise cuts with limited blood loss. Electrosurgical devices are frequently used during surgical operations helping to prevent blood loss in hospital operating rooms or in outpatient procedures

Electrosurgical devices, open procedure electrodes, electrosurgical pencils, bipolar forceps, laparoscopic electrodes,  and electrosurgical accessories.

Electro surgical electrodes and pencils are the consumables used along with electrosurgical generator , there is wide range of electrodes used in various specialties of medical surgery

Types of Electro surgery electrodes Blade electrode, Ball electrode, needle electrode, loop electrode. We also have category of PTFE coated electrode, E-Z Clean tips utilize a pure PTFE coating that resists flaking at high temperatures unlike competitive tips that often utilize cheap polyurethane and other fillers in their PTFE coatings. And with more than two-dozen tip configurations and sizes, Megadyne offers blade, needle, and ball electrodesMODIFIED E-Z CLEAN TIPS Modified tips are insulated everywhere but the distal 3-5 mm of the electrode shaft with  PTFE insulation that resists splitting in temperatures beyond 700° F, minimizing the likelihood of damage to surrounding tissue. PROTECTIVE NOSE CONE ELECTRODES For high-moisture or confined-space procedures

Electrosurgery Pencil is the instrument to Cut and Coagulate; it features button control for cut & coag and designed as per the ergonomics for doctor’s comfort ability, it is in Button and rocker type

Patient return electrodes an electrode that collects the current used to operate on the patient and returns it to a current generator, it’s available for Adult and Pediatric.

MEGASOFT, the Mega Soft patient return electrode is simply set on the operating room table, virtually eliminating the small disposable sticky pad that can damage the patient’s skin. The Mega Soft is simply set on the operating room table and can be covered by a sheet, eliminating the risk of adhesive related injury that can occur with traditional “sticky” pads

STICKY PADS are Single plate and Dual plate with standard as well as monitoring property  ,these are sticked to patient skin and it ensures that it returns the current back to generator, it prevents from current leakage

Electrosurgery Generator   Electrosurgical Units (ESU's) ESU's are used for surgical cutting or to control bleeding by causing coagulation (hemostasis) at the surgical site. They deliver high-frequency electrical currents and voltages through an active electrode, causing desiccation, vaporization, or charring of the target tissue