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Operation Theatre

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Operation Theatre

Surgeries have to be performed in a sterile environment, which has various kinds of instruments which help doctors perform the operation with ease. With the advancement of medical science, it has become much convenient for surgeons to perform complex operations. Surgeries aid in diagnosing diseases, and treating wounds or injuries.

There are various types of operating theatres which cater to different fields of surgery, such as neurosurgery or heart surgery. A surgical suite for cardiac surgery would require different operation theatre instruments than of Neurosurgery.

Medikabazaar has all bases covered when it comes to operation theatre instruments. We sell all kinds of instruments that a surgery would require. We consider it our pride to provide best quality products at unmatched prices. Few of the key components of an operation theatre are –

  • Operation Table – an operating table can be raised, lowered and rotated in any direction
  • OT Lights – Operation theatre lights and pendants give surgeons the required amount of light to perform a hassle-free surgery
  • Vital Monitor – it measures the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation etc
  • Heart Lung Machine – an open heart surgery require this machine to oxygen levels in the patient’s body
  • Anesthesia Machine – It numbs the targeted region where the surgery has to be performed. A surgery may be performed in Local as well as General Anesthesia
  • Electrocautery Machine – one of the uses of this machine is to stop bleeding by cauterizing.

Check out our entire range for operation theatre equipment. We ensure doorstep delivery, even to remote areas. Call us if you have any query. COD available.

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