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ElectroSurgical Instruments

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Electrosurgical /Cautery Pencil/ Electrode

Electrosurgical or cautery pencil is a medical device used to cut, coagulate, desiccate or fulgurate biological tissue through the application of electric current. The electrosurgical pencil is an expendable and sterile hand-switching accessory, meant for single-use. It is used in open surgeries to cut and coagulate tissues and control bleeding by using high-frequency electrical current.

Cautery electrodes are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the surgeon’s requirement. Electrosurgical pencils are generally available with a universal size connector that makes it compatible with most ESU brands and models. Electrosurgical pencils can be operated either by hand or foot and can be reused or disposed.

Uses of electrosurgical pencil/ cautery Pencil/ electrode

Electrosurgical pencils are used in various types of electro surgeries such as general surgery, plastic surgery, gynecological surgery, orthopedic surgery, etc. The themonopolar electrode which has a sharp stainless steel tip is used for delicate tissue dismemberment. It works at high temperatures to provide maximum protection against tissue harm.

Types of electrode tips

  • Blade electrode
  • Needle electrode
  • Ball tip electrode
  • Blunt electrode
  • Precision electrode

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This product is also known as:

  • Electro surgery hand-switching pencil
  • Hand-control cautery electrode
  • Hand-switching diathermy pencil
  • Reusable hand-switching active electrode
  • Disposable hand-switching diathermy pencil
  • Single-use hand-switching pencil
  • Disposable cautery pencil
  • 3-Pin Universal hand-control electrosurgical active electrode

Available Brands:

Vizipen, Shuyou, Buffalo filter, Megadyne

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