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Surgical Instruments

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Surgical Instruments

Medikabazaar offers a full segment of precise surgical instruments which are ideal for hospital and research needs. Surgical instruments are specifically designed to perform specific actions during surgery. Most surgical instruments haven’t changed since the 19th century, such as a scalpel or forceps. For every specialization of medicine, there are numerous surgical instruments available. There are few basic types of surgical instruments –

  • Cutting and Dissecting – instruments have sharp edges to cut through the skin. Surgeons are required to cut tissue to find out irregular growth and remove damaged tissue, which left unchecked can cause complications. They have sharp edges and should be handled carefully.
  • Occluding and Clamping –used to compress blood vessels or organs to prevent their contents from leaking. Occlude means to shut. So, these instruments are used to control bleeding. They are straight, angular or curved.
  • Retracting and Exposing – used to retract or hold back organs and viscera which create some space which helps surgeons get a little more room to operate on the target area.

Hospitals and research labs can order their surgical instruments online through our app or website. There is no need to contact multiple vendors to get the right tools. Just browse through our entire range and you will find the instrument you are looking for. Shop Now!

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