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Surgical Closure

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Surgical Closure

Wounds, whether caused by surgery or injury, should generally be closed to prevent from infection. Sometimes surgeons intentionally leave some wounds open which depends on the size and location of the surgery. Stitches or staples are used to close wounds. Stitches refer to sutures, which is the surgical procedure of bringing tissues and skin together. Traditionally, a thread like material was used for suturing, now synthetic fibers are used which dissolve over time. Now surgical staples are also used depending on the need.

Types of Surgical Sutures –

  • Dissolvable – these sutures eventually break down by body fluids. They have certain applications.
  • Permanent – they are preferred as they can withstand body fluids and will not break down by body fluids during the healing process.

Medical Staples

Surgery staples are classified by their material and shape. They are generally made from materials like Titanium, Stainless Steel, Plastic, or Chromium. Staples are used as an alternative to sutures in places where there is little space to stitch and during fast-paced procedures. A surgical staple gun is used to punch the staple on the skin.

Staplers are used to close both internal as well as external wounds. A medical staple gun works on the same principle as an ordinary stapler lying on our desks.

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