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Radiology is the branch of science which uses medical imaging to capture images inside the human body. Radiology can be divided into two categories – diagnostic and interventional radiology. The doctor who specializes in radiology is called a Radiologist.

Types of Radiology Techniques

  • X-ray- Radiography or X-ray uses a very small amount of ionizing radiation to produce images of the inner body structure. X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used forms of medical imaging. They are used to locate foreign objects, check fractured bones, etc. Some X-ray tests use the help of Barium to view internal organs in a much clearer picture. X-ray films produced are like picture negatives and need to be viewed in a bright environment, therefore doctors require an X-ray viewing box. You can buy an X-ray view box online at Medikabazaar.
  • Computed Tomography- CT scan works on the same principal as of X-rays and produces hundreds of high-quality images which give detailed information and are beneficial in diagnosing tumors. The images are compiled and processed by a computer and produce 2D cross-section images of the body.
  • Nuclear Imaging- these images are produced by giving the patient a radioactive material of short life, then a gamma camera is used to record the emission generating from the patient. Most common nuclear machines are SPECT and PET.

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