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Radiology is the branch of science which uses radiation to capture images of the human body. Radiology can be divided into two categories – diagnostic and interventional radiology. The doctor who specializes in radiology is called a Radiologist.

Types of Radiology Techniques

  • X-ray- Radiography or X-ray uses a very small amount of ionizing radiation to produce images of the inner body structure. X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used forms of medical imaging. They are used to locate foreign objects, check fractured bones, etc. Some X-ray tests use the help of Barium to view internal organs in a much clearer picture. X-ray films produced are like picture negatives and need to be viewed in a bright environment, therefore doctors require an X-ray viewing box. You can buy an X-ray view box online at Medikabazaar.
  • Computed Tomography- CT scan works on the same principal as of X-rays and produces hundreds of high-quality images which give detailed information and are beneficial in diagnosing tumors. The images are compiled and processed by a computer and produce 2D cross-section images of the body.
  • Nuclear Imaging- these images are produced by giving the patient a radioactive material of short life, then a gamma camera is used to record the emission generating from the patient. Most common nuclear machines are SPECT and PET.

For purchase of these equipment, we require AERB Certification for Dosage of Radiation.

All these above mentioned machines require various secondary instruments which are used to display results. They are as follows –

  • Printer – prints result on special papers using thermal ink
  • Monitor – displays images
  • Contrast – iodine based material, injected intravenously; enhances radiology images
  • X-ray Films – X-ray images are developed on these films

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