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Lab Device

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Lab Device

A laboratory provides a controlled environment where research can take place. In a medical research lab, various tests are conducted which can help in diagnosing diseases and finding cures. Medical laboratories vary in sizes and have a different level of testing capabilities.

Drying oven is used in a lab to sterilize the equipment. It uses hot air to blast the instruments to remove any contaminant, germs, infection, etc. Because of its simplified operation and cost-efficiency, drying ovens are being used in many other fields for quick drying and sterilization process. However, the sterilization process varies for different industries.

At its core lab, drying oven is used to remove moisture from samples. Forced air and vacuum oven are used to dry samples that can easily be broken down, as it removes the moisture and reduces the boiling point of water, which makes the sample be dried at a lower temperature.

Lab ovens are also used to determine deformation, tensile strength, and resilience of products. They have many applications in other industries as well, as forensic labs use specially designed vacuum ovens to develop fingerprints.

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