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Urology is the field of medicine which deals with the dysfunction and disease of male and female urinary tract. Urology also treats problems related to male reproductive organs. The urinary and reproductive organs are closely related and disease of one often affects another. Even though urology is considered a surgical specialty, it requires knowledge of gynecology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. Urologists also treat sexually transmitted diseases and injuries.

Some of the most common and widely used urology instruments are –

  • Stone Grasper – Used to facilitate endoscopic manipulation and removal of stones and retrieve foreign object.
  • Laparoscope – it is a thin instrument inserted in the patient’s body through an incision usually made in the stomach. It is used to examine abdominal organs and perform minor surgeries.
  • Stone Basket – it is an instrument which is passed through the endoscope to grasp and remove urinary stones.
  • Lithotripter – it is a urology equipment which emits sound waves. It is targeted on the kidney or ureter stones to disintegrate them. It is a minimally invasive procedure. A lithotripter also has an imaging device attached to it

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