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Surgical Pen/Marker

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Surgical Pens and Markers

A requirement before the operation is the clear and correct marking of the surgical site. A surgical marker is used to mark the area where the operation has to be performed. The ink used is highly visible, this results in surgeons making efficient cuts. The majority of surgical marker pen contain gentian violet ink which has antifungal properties and non-toxic. Permanent markers are also used to mark surgical sites.

The surgical pens available at Medikabazaar are sterile which are ideal for single-use marking and safe, which allow surgeons to prepare effectively. A surgical pen should be disposed of after use, otherwise, the risk of cross-contamination would be way too high. They can withstand rubbing alcohol which is used to sterilize the skin during preoperative procedures but isn’t so permanent that it can last for months.

A major concern for patient health is that majority hospitals don’t use a proper surgical pen to mark the site, they use ball-point pens and markers, this increases the risk of infection as a single pen is used on multiple patients. This is not a good surgery practice and should be abolished. We aim to provide consumable surgical pens which are sterile and are available at comfortable prices on our website.

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