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Operation Theatre

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Operation Theatre

An operation theatre is the most important area in a hospital or other healthcare departments. Every hospital has at least one operation theatre which can be used for various surgeries and emergency procedures.

Medikabazaar offers an extensive range of operation theatre tools which are used by surgical personnel in an operation theatre. Our range of consumables includes umbilical cord clamps, smoke evacuation filters, anesthesiology lines, electrosurgical electrodes, etc.

In an operation theatre, during electrocautery procedure, inhaling the smoke of 1 gram of tissue is equivalent to smoking 6 unfiltered cigarettes, which is hazardous to surgeons and the OT staff. Therefore, a smoke evacuator is an important OT tool to have which removes them completely. It protects the harmful chemicals from entering the pulmonary alveoli. This smoke can cause diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, light-headedness, and weakness.

In order to remove the baby from the placenta, which gives the baby oxygen supply. Doctors use an umbilical cord clamp to cut the placenta and free the baby from the womb. The instrument comes in a variety of shapes.

At Medikabazaar, you can find a plethora of operation theatre consumables which aid the doctors during a surgery. We consider it our pride to provide best quality products at unmatched prices. Be sure to check our entire range of products.

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