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Medical accessories are used by physicians and surgeons to carry out medical procedures. A medical accessory can be any article which helps in carrying out surgeries and other medical procedures.

Medikabazaar offers all kinds of instruments which would be required in ACL reconstruction such as ACL Arthroscopy gauge, ACL Tunnel Dilator, ACL implant and instrument box, etc. In ACL surgery a small fiber optic cable which has a microscopic camera. The cable is connected to a monitor through which the medical team supervises the operation.

A surgical accessory is a tool or an instrument which helps in performing various procedures. We offer a variety of surgical accessories which help in the day-to-day functioning of a hospital. We provide instruments such as angular forceps, cautery pencils, cautery handles, and defibrillation pads amongst many more.

We have a wide range of medical accessories which make hospitals more efficient. Our products are high-quality and affordable which makes for feasible quality healthcare. Be sure to check our entire range and shop now. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful customer service team.

Medikabazaar is a B2B technology platform for supply of medical equipment and consumables to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics and Medical centers.