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Laproscopic Consumables

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Laparoscopic Consumables

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for performing specialized surgery with least amount of cuts. Earlier, laparoscopy was exclusively used for gynecology and gallbladder stone removal, but in the past few years, the surgeons have found it to be useful on many other organs, especially intestinal surgery.

Traditionally, surgeons had to make cuts in the abdomen to physically reach the organs. But now, around four 5mm incisions are made, through which a laparoscope is inserted. It has a tiny illuminated camera at the end and doctors can see the target area on the monitor. Below are some of the laparoscopic surgery instruments available at Medikabazaar –

  • Laparoscope – surgical scopes are the oldest instruments used by doctors. Modern laparoscopic instruments used in the minimally invasive surgeries are miles apart from the old school scopes
  • Needle driver – it is used by surgeons to hold suture needles for wound closure. They have three parts – handles, joints and jaws
  • Laparoscopic scissors – during laparoscopic surgery, scissors are used to cut various types of tissues. They are reusable and have sharp blades

Hospitals and doctors can find all their laparoscopic surgery consumables at Medikabazaar. Our prices are competitive and pocket-friendly. Be sure to check our entire range.

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