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We all are familiar with the term Hypothermia, where body temperature drops to dangerously low levels and blood supply to the brain starts to diminish. The opposite of this can also much likely happen, it is called Hyperthermia. In Hyperthermia, the body temperature rises to dangerously high levels, the threshold is 104°F or 40°C. It occurs due to failed thermoregulation which absorbs more heat than it dissipates. It is a serious medical emergency which can lead to death.

The common causes of Hyperthermia are heat stroke, severe reaction to drugs, excess exposure to heat, and loss of body fluids. Early symptoms of hyperthermia are excessive sweating, fast weak pulse, muscle cramps, and headaches. A person suffering from these symptoms should immediately move to a cooler area and drink plenty of electrolytes. And if all else fails, it is recommended to contact medical professionals.

There are severe cooling techniques for hyperthermia in medicine, such as dosage of electrolytes through I.V. Therapy, applying cold packets on chest and underarms. Now, there are whole Hyperthermia treatment kits which come with every equipment, medicine, disposables, and tools that would be required to treat a hyperthermia case. Hospitals can get their supply of hyperthermia disposable set at Medikabazaar at comfortable prices.

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