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Wrist Support

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Wrist Support

A wrist brace is a garment made out of fabric such as neoprene or nylon around the wrist to protect it injuries that might be caused by strenuous exercises. Wrist support bands are worn by athletes whose sports require repetitive use of their wrists, such as tennis, wrists, basketball, hockey, etc. Wrist braces are a common accessory in the rehabilitation process of a wrist injury. They are made out of rigid elastic fabrics such as nylon and neoprene which immobilize the joint and provide heat and compression to ligaments and tendons in the wrist. Wrist bands constrict mobility of the hand are fixed with Velcro straps. Wrist braces also come with attachments like metal spine which keeps the wrist in place aiding in a quicker healing process.

A wrist brace would be prescribed by a doctor if someone is suffering from a wrist trauma, such as a fracture or sprain. Some traumas are also caused by repetitive stress injury. They are used to immobilize the wrist into a neutral position which minimizes the stress and results in quicker healing.

A good wrist brace will provide with just the right amount of compression and movement without constricting the blood supply. Doctors and hospitals can buy their supplies of wrist bands at Medikabazaar. Check out our entire range of wrist support bands today!

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