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Crutches and Walking Sticks

Walking Stick

A walking stick or an assistive cane is used as a crutch or walking aid. Canes help redistribute weight from a lower leg which might be injured or semi-functional. They provide stability and increase the base of support. They are also used by visibility-impaired people to assess tactical information of the ground.

Canes are generally held in the hand which is opposite to the injured leg or semi-functional leg. It permits the cane to be used for stability in a very approach that lets the user focus abundant of their weight away from their weaker side and onto the cane. This prevents the person's center of balance from swaying from facet to facet as they walk.

It additionally permits for a fluid movement that better matches walking, because the hand on the other side of the leg typically sways forward in normal human locomotion. Personal preference or a requirement to hold the cane in the dominant hand suggests that some cane users choose to hold the cane on the constant side as the affected leg.

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