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A walker is a frame usually made out of lightweight aluminum which provided walking support to people with disability in walking. It provides balance and stability. It is used by people suffering from arthritis, old age, or post-operation rehabilitation. With the same purpose as a crutch or a walking stick i.e. aid in walking, a walker provides more stability as opposed to its counterparts.

The walker frame surrounds the front and sides of the person, gives them more balance and decreases the chance of falling or tripping over significantly. Modern walkers come with adjustable heights, walkers come with no wheels, 2 wheels or 4 wheels. It all depends on the strength and the disability of the person using it. Since their inception, there have been many mechanical advances in the walkers. Walkers are a huge help for people who have gone through knee-injury, it is a huge help during the rehabilitation process.

A walker is waist-high and comes and modern walkers have adjustable heights and come with non-slip rubbers. Medikabazaar offers all types of walkers, which can be used by adults as well as children. We are a one-stop shop for hospitals to buy medical supplies online. Browse through our vast range of walkers and shop now!

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