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Neck Support

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Neck Support

A neck brace or a cervical collar is a medical device which is used to provide support for the neck. It is used by emergency response teams to provide immediate neck support to car crash victims who have traumatic head or neck injuries. It is also used in the treatment of chronic medical diseases. Neck braces are used to immobilize the head and relieve neck pain by providing support which aids in healing.

There three basic reasons when a person might need to wear a neck brace –

  • It supports the weight of the head and gives the soft tissues of the neck a chance to heal
  • It is a post-operative requirement after neck or spinal injury
  • A precautionary measure after a serious accident

Neck braces can range from a simple and soft wrap-around to a rigid brace supported by hard plastics. A good neck brace should decrease the motion and not cause discomfort. It is imperative to wear a neck brace properly to reap all the benefits. Cervical collars are used to realign the spinal cord and relieve the pain but are not usually worn for long periods of time.

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