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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid

Hearing aid is a small electronic device which boosts the acoustic signals present in the air and amplifies the sound to the ear. A hearing aid has three parts – a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. The microscope “hears” the ambient noise, the amplifier boosts the signals, and the speaker sends the signals into the ear canal, giving the user the ability to hear. Greater the hearing damage, the greater would be the level of amplification. A hearing aid helps people listen in both quiet and loud environment.

Hearing aids present a number of advantages to people who are hearing-impaired. Although hearing aids don’t restore the hearing to normal levels they will restore the hearing levels significantly. Hearing aids improve the user’s psychological, social and physical sense of well-being.

Over the course of years, technology has advanced to a point where hearing aids are now virtually invisible. They are called IIC or deep canal aids. These are for people who have hearing loss and don’t want others to see their hearing aid. We have ‘in-the-canal’ as well as ‘over-the-canal’ hearing aids. Our products are best-in-class and available at competitive rates. Doctors can buy hearing aids online at our website or Medikabazaar’s Mobile App.

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