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Head Repositioning Aid

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Head Repositioning Aid

Babies are born with extremely soft body, their crown region is especially soft, and in most cases, it is slightly under-developed, which results in babies developing a flat head syndrome. Since ancient times, mothers have been treating this by making their babies sleep on a pillow made of sesame seeds. Baby flat head pillow has done the trick till now and it still will as it is a time-tested invention. They now come in newer and more advanced variants.

However, with the advancement of science, a newer and more effective alternative has been developed, a Tortle Cap. It works on the same principle, it provides support to the baby’s soft head and reshapes it in a mild subtle way. Tortle caps have taken the price as they are made from an extremely soft skin-friendly non-toxic fabric. The cap gives the baby’s head the perfect shape and they look pretty as well. Earlier babies were made to wear helmets to shape the head which looked bad in the family photos.

Tortle caps are highly effective and adjustable and in no way hinder the baby’s development. You can buy Tortle caps online at Medikabazaar. Shop now!

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