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Back Support

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Back Support

Today, the major reason for back pain is because of lack of movement and incorrect posture. We spend the majority of our time sitting in front of our consumers and the way we sit on our chairs is incorrect and it takes a toll on our spine. Which results in back pain and other lumbar related issues. Genetics also play a part in back problems, scoliosis and other deformities cause severe back issues. Other causes can be arthritis, accidents, underdeveloped spinal muscles, stress, and osteoporosis.

Back braces are a type of orthopedic devices which are designed to provide good lumbar support and improve body posture. They immobilize and treat muscular joints, and doctors prescribe them to patients all the time. They fall into two categories, namely hard, rigid types and soft and flexible types. Rigid braces are used to treat serious conditions where movement might cause harm. Flexible braces are more commonly used and compress the abdominal cavity and support the muscles, and allow a forward motion of the spinal cord. Many people wear back support belt at the time of strenuous physical activities to avoid stress-related injuries.

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