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Albio Gel Coccyx Support Seat Cushion for Tail Bone Support

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* 100% Gel material Pasted on High Grade Foam
* Retains position even after hours of continuous and heavy use
* Long Life and Unbreakable
* Effective for patients with tailbone pain or patients with piles
* Easy To store and washable cloth cover

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* People suffering from tail bone injury often find it difficult to sit on normal seats.
* Thus they tend to search for a coccyx support, one which is U shaped and cut from center so as to avoid inflammatory pain in the tail bone area.
* The Albio Gel Coccyx Support is a 100% Gel based support, which will not only support the patient but also remain intact for years, due to its gel cushioning. : 100% Gel material pasted on High grade Foam.

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