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Medical Aids

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Medical Aids

Medikabazaar is a one-stop shop for all hospital needs. After an injury or surgery, a person requires a recuperation period and support equipment. Limited movement in serious injuries results in a speedy recovery. We offer a wide variety of support, such as knee support, elbow brace, cervical collar, tennis elbow support, etc. Our products are allergy free and do not restrict blood flow. Wearing light ankle, knee or back support, while going to the gym can significantly reduce chances of workout related injuries. You can buy our medical aid equipment which are offered at competitive market prices.

Hearing Aid

Over the course of years, technology has advanced to a point where hearing aids are now virtually invisible. They are called IIC or deep canal aids. These are for people who have hearing loss and don’t want others to see their hearing aid. We have ‘in-the-canal’ as well as ‘over-the-canal’ hearing aids. Our products are best in class and available at competitive rates.


A wheelchair is great for moving patients around effortlessly. We have traditional wheelchairs as well as electronic wheelchairs from leading brands. We also have reclining wheelchairs with modular accessories that increase customer satisfaction.

Ankle Support

Ankle support binders provide limited mobility and compression. It provides support to the injured ankle, which further initiates a quicker healing process. Ankle supports are also useful for athletes as it’s a perfect rehab tool. The material used is skin-friendly and breathable.

Knee Support

Knee injuries are way too common. Usually, athletes and people over the age of 50, face severe knee problems. Knee braces are helpful when someone is nursing an injury. Medikabazaar provides a wide range of knee support, which suits every pre and post-surgery need.

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Medikabazaar is a B2B technology platform for supply of medical equipment and consumables to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics and Medical centers.