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Mediana Vital Sign Monitor YM1000

Quick Overview

Features :

• Night Panel: Adjustable display brightness - You can save power and help patients sleep well by dimming the display at night.
• Nurse Call: Notification for any alarm event - Helps save time checking on patients.
• Sound Mode: Adjustable volume: full, mid, and mute - Helps patients rest and reduces noise in the ward.
• Memory: Review stored patient data by viewing it on the monitor or by printing it - Stores up to 200 lines of data, 24-hour old data is automatically deleted.
• Battery: 4 hour battery comes tandard to transport patients without a power source.
• Can be used on adult to neonate patients.
• Colin NIBP.
• Welch Allyn Temperature (SureTemp Plus) (optional).
GMDN: 36349
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Specifications :

• The Mediana YM1000 Vital Signs Monitor provides spot check and continuous monitoring.
• It is designed for use in all hospital areas and facilities, as well as during hospital transport and in mobile, land-based environments, such as an ambulance.
• Warranty: 2 Years.
• The YM1000 is simple, straightforward, and easy to learn and operate. All of the features can be learned from the quick guide in just 15 minutes.
• Simple, push-button programming and a large digital display makes the monitor easy and clean to read.


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