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Mediana ECG-Electrocardiograph YM303i 3Ch ECG

Quick Overview

* 12Lead interpretative ECG with 4.3 Color LCD TFT
* optimizing 3Ch ECG data printing With 2,000 sampling rate
* Thermal Z folder 80 X 80 mm X 300 sheets / Roll 80mm X 30m length
* 100 data internal memory / 5,000 data with 1GB SD card
* Pacemaker detection / Lead fault detection available
* Rechargeable battery Ni-MH 9.6V 2000mAh with 3hr or
* 300 data printing operational
* Multi-language available
* PC data transferable thru RS232 port with Data management SW
GMDN: 41651
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Mediana ECG-Electrocardiograph YM303i 3Ch ECG


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