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Medi Electronics Digital Tourniquet (Model: T1)


Quick Overview

Advance Design to Suit Your Need:
* Computerized control system
* Mains as well battery operated
* Light weight 1.6kg only
* Compact size in mm (D190 x W150 x H120)
* Cuff pressure can be changed in working mode also
* Set pressure and actual both continues display
* Elapsed time and set time simultaneously displayed
* Cuff pressure setting range from 10 to 400mmHg
* Auto battery recharge while mains connected
* LCD User interface
* Elapsed timer individual can be used
* Check cuff alarm
* Cuff depletion control on your finger tip
* Main unit
* Set of five different size Silicon cuff
* PVC tube for connecting cuff with machine
* Mains power cable

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* Cuff pressure range from 10 to 400mmHg
* Pressure accuracy + 5 mmHg
* Display time format Hr: Min
* Elapsed set time range 1min. to 5Hrs
* User interface LCD
* Cuff type: Silicon bladder cuff (autoclavable)
* Cuff size: large, Big, Medium, small, pediatric
* Power required 230v ac, 50Hz


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