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Masimo RAD 67 - Spot Hemoglobin

Quick Overview

* Pulse CO-Oximeter Featuring a suite of upgradeable rainbow SET*! measurements alongside Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion*! pulse oximetry
* Harness the power of multiple, simultaneously measured advanced Pulse CO Oximetry parameters- SpHb, SpCO, and SpMet-to gain additional insight into patient Status
* Display spot-check results with signal quality indicators for motion, low perfusion, and ambient light interference
* Label spot-check measurements with unique patient identifiers for convenient historical data review directly on the device
* Measure SpO2, SpHb, and SpCO with the universal rainbow Super DCI-mini sensor for patients e* 3kg

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* Masimo RAD 67  Spot Hemoglobin


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