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MASIMO Pulse oximeter

Quick Overview

• Masimo SET is the proven gold standard in reading through motion & low perfusion to reduce false alarms and detect true events
• The Radical is a fully featured Standalone pulse oximeter
• The Radical is a fully featured Handheld pulse oximeter
• The Radical interfaces to validated multiparameter patient monitors to replace the existing conventional pulse oximetry with Masimo SET pulse oximetry.
• Unprecedented specificity and sensitivity.
• Essentially eliminates false alarms and detects virtually all true alarms.
• Accurate during most patient movement, including shivering, combativeness, neonatal movement, and seizures.
• Motion and Low Perfusion Study Accurate during low perfusion.
• Accurate during intense ambient light and resists electrocautery interference.
GMDN: 45607
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• MASIMO Pulse oximeter.


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