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MultiAccess Port,MDI,Tracheostomy 12F

Quick Overview

* Sterile Yes
* Natural Rubber Latex-Free:Yes
* Brand HALYARD*
* Sterilization Method Gamma
* Use Frequency Single Use
* Units per Case :20
* With BALLARD* Technology: Yes
* Closed Suction System Type:Multi-Access
* Catheter Configuration Double Swivel Y
* Age: Adult
* Multi-Access Port Manifol:Yes
* Cleaning Port One-Way
* Locking Thumb Port: Yes
* Tactile Sleeve  Polyurethane: Yes
* Closed Suction Catheter 1
* 15mm X 22mm Flex Adapter: Yes
* 15 ml Saline Vials: N/A
* Day Sticker: 1
* Packaging: Poly Pouch
* Type:Tracheostomy
* French Size (Fr):12
* Length (in.):13.8
* Length (cm):35.1
* Outer Diameter (mm):4.0
* Tip:N/A
* Built In MDI Adapter:Yes
* Color:White

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* Rotating manifold locks into place with a click for reassurance that circuit remains sealed
* Catheter locks into separate port and stays connected and clean
* Single-use seal cassette maintains PEEP during insertion of sampling catheter or other devices
* Turbulent cleaning chamber for a cleaner catheter
* Sleeve tether prevents over-retraction of catheter


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