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Madajet Needle Less Anesthesia (XL)

Quick Overview

Features :
* The MadaJet XL is a proven means of reducing fear and trauma associated with traditional needle and syringe injections.
* Reduces patient fear of injections.
* Injects local anesthetics into palatal and soft tissues with greater ease and virtually no pain.
* Provides instant local anesthesia or regional block for dental and maxifacial procedures.
* Every Orthodontist such as skeletal anchorage and laser treatment wants to provide a pain-free environment.

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Specifications :
* Consistent depth of penetration of 2-2.5mm below epithelium and makes a wheal at the base of injection of 5-6mm in diameter (Not Topical).
* Consistent volume of 0.1cc per injection intradermally.
* Permits approximately 38 injections with single loading (to 4.0cc)
* May be sterilized by autoclaving or your usual sterilization process - DO NOT USE DRY HEAT!


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