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Lubrication machine for hand pieces

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Features :
* New collection of oil a small drawer, more convenient cleaning oil and other impurities
* 2.A new digital display, separately for each work cell phone regulation time, a clear, straightforward
* 3.The upper and lower sealing sliding door practical and effective to prevent the proliferation of work in the oil mist at all times maintain the cleanliness of the work surface
* 4.A new air pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge, and more 5.convenient to control the working pressure, let the phone be cleaned in the rated pressure state, maintenance
* 6.The machine adopts the lubricant on the bearings cleaning and maintenance, do not use the cage film damage cleaning agent, which can effectively extend the life of the phone
* 7.Aircraft volume 39.4x46x48cm, dental clinic, the hospital saves storage space

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Specifications :
* Supply voltage:220V 110V
* 2.Rated power:40w
* 3.The pressure of air source:4kg/cm²-8kg/cm²
* 4.Working pressure:2.5kg/cm²
* 5.Tank Capacity:3100ml
* 6.Motor parameters
* Rated voltage: 12V DC
* Rated power: 40W
* Rpm: 3000 rpm / min
* 8.Net weight:7kg
* 9.Machine size:24x19x31cm
* 10Package Size:29x23.5x37.5cm


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