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LP Back Support Compression Top Small 232Z


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • LP Back Support Compression Top is used to correct shoulder movement patterns and helping aid with pain relief in addition to providing compression and support.
Size Small, 33 ½ - 37 ½ in, 85 - 95 cm
Color Black

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  • Includes the embioz power system around the shoulders and center of the trunk
  • Allow for appropriate extension of the spine to level up accuracy
  • Seamless compression prevents fatigue and decreases swelling
  • Complete every upper body movement flawlessly
  • Includes embioz comfort system wicks away sweat
  • Helps to correct shoulder movement patterns
  • Seamless compression improves endurance
  • Ventilates quickly to keep the body dry
  • Improve explosive power in activities
  • Optimal comfort during long training
  • Power System maximizes energy


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