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Lighting & Pendants

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Lighting and Pendants

Everyone knows the importance of a well-lit surgical suite or operation theatre (OT). Proper surgical lighting is paramount when performing complex and meticulous surgeries. Operation theatre lights are available in a wide variety of customizations to fit the need of every surgical procedure. Three major things to consider in an OT light are control, brightness, and adjustability. If a lamp does not meet these criteria, then it's of no use in an operation theatre.

Medikabazaar understands the complexities of performing an operation. Of all the things, a surgeon should never have to worry about hospital lighting. Our inventory consists of all kinds of lightings that are required by a hospital. There are different illumination requirements for different procedures. Therefore, OT lights come with great adjustability, wherein surgeons can focus light onto a specific target area to achieve utmost precision.

Our hexa wave OT light lineup by Wave Visions offer flagship features which are required during complex procedures. The light emitted from the lamps is natural white light, due to which the colour of the skin tissue does not change. The temperature of the LED bulbs used is cold and they do not emit any gas in comparison to traditional halogen bulbs. The light intensity is entirely user adjustable and user-friendly.

Some models of hexa wave also feature a video recorder and digital display. Videos can be used for research and educational purpose. Each arm offers a 360-degree motion for maximum convenience.

  • Shadowless OT lights leave no room for visual impairment.
  • User-adjustable focus
  • Adjustable rotary arms
  • Luminance of up to 160,000 lux
  • Battery backup light
  • No infrared or ultraviolet radiation
  • Memory function

Be sure to check our entire lineup of hospital lighting products to suit all your needs. You can buy them online or contact us directly. We also offer the demonstration of products on request.

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