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Labtop PLC Controlled Plant Growth Chamber LGC-1000P

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Labtop PLC Controlled Plant Growth Chamber is typically used to produce controlled environments.
Model No. LGC-1000GP
Capacity In Liters 1000.0
Internal Size 115x67x130 In cm (WxDxH)
External Size 140x99x192 In cm (WxDxH)
No. Of Doors Double
No. Of Trays 8.0
Temperature Range 10° C To 60° C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2° C
Temperature Uniformity 2° C
Humidity Range 40% RH To 98% RH.
Humidity Accuracy ± 2% RH.
Humidity Uniformity ± 3% RH.
Photo Effect Fluorescent Tubes For Day Light Effect
Power 230 V AC Single Phase 50Hz
GMDN: 16327
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  • PLC with PID controller (auto-tune), safety controller, auto changeover of standby systems
  • Two chamber blowers to have uniformity of temperature under loaded condition
  • Audiovisual alarm
  • Stainless steel perforated trays
  • 3 inches thick CFC free PUF insulation
  • U shaped SS nichrome wire air heaters
  • Inside see through unbreakable acrylic door
  • 50 mm validation porthole with silicon rubber seal
  • 38 inches color HMI with touch screen,
  • Optional accessories:
  • Dedicated safety system to shut off the boiler heater and air heater
  • PC interface communication card for temperature and humidity control system
  • Data bank to record, store and print set values, process values, date & time of master controllers
  • 8 channel temperature and 8 channel humidity scanner
  • Ready to use stand by humidity system in case of the regular system fails
  • Ready to use stand by refrigeration system in case of the regular system fails


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