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LABTOP PLC Controlled Walk in Bacteriological incubator - LBI 100WP

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Features :
* Name of Equipment : LABTOP® Micro Controller Based Bacteriological Incubator
* Control System : Micro controller based temperature indicator cum controller with Digital display and PT 100 sensor.
* Alarm : Audio Visual Alarm if the temperature deviates from the preset temperature
* Heating System : U shaped S.S. Nichrome wire air heaters
* Air Circulation Motor and blower arrangement to have uniformity of Temperature under Loaded condition.
* Insulation : 3 Thick CFC free PUF Insulation.
* Lighting : Interior illumination for working area.
* Observation Door : Inside see through unbreakable acrylic door
* Validation Port : 50 mm validation Port with silicon rubber seal to insert sensors for validation purpose.
* Trays : Stainless Steel perforated trays.
* Other : Castor wheels, MCB, Adjustable Tray Height arrangements. Heavy duty latch with lock & key
* Power : Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.
* Safety feature : Additional safety thermostat to cut off the air heater in case of overshoot of temperature
* Certification ISO 9001: 2008 , ISO 13485 : 2012
* Documentations LABTOP will provide IQ, OQ, PQ documents with Material Test Certificates and Calibration reports
GMDN: 62304
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Specifications :
* PLC Controlled Walk in Bacteriological incubator with capacity of 10000 liters, Inner chamber is made of stainless steel and outer body of Galvanized Iron Pre painted temperature 5° C above ambient to 60° C with built in micro controller based temperature indicator cum controller having audiovisual alarm


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