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Kyoling Triball Spirometer-K&L-24

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• Tri-balls incentive spirometer is a breathing / lung exerciser which is a flow-oriented device, provides an indirect indicator *ball* of the patient's inspired volume. It be used to help strengthen respiratory musculature and to help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging a slow, deep breathing.
• Three color-coded balls in each chamber provide a visual incentive for the patient. Air flows into single channel, when it passes through the chamber, it raises each of the three balls depending on the flow inhaled per second.
• Specification: 12mmOD connector. Flow rates 600mL/sec, 900mL/sec, 1200mL/sec. by using different colors of ball for easy to identify the flow rate.
• Material: AS for chamber, PE for ball and mouthpiece, and EVA for tubing
GMDN: 13680
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• Kyoling Triball Spirometer-K&L-24


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