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Korrida Upper Surface With Trolley KM-UST

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Features :
* As technology advanced, we have kept the Warmer simple & easy to use with one touch controls.
* The heater with reflector makes it easier to work with the baby by efficiently providing even heat distribution across the cradle and not into the surrounding environment.
* Air control is an electronic feedback system which functions as a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature of baby cradle by regulating the heat output of Radiant Warmer. It Also acts as a WATCH DOG as Air over temperature cuts off heater even if the Warmer is operating in Servo mode.
* The Manual mode allows the Warmer to be kept 'baby ready' without nuisance alarms. When needed the Warmer provides safe, powerful & controlled warming to restore the temperature drop experienced by the baby immediately of ter delivery.

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Specifications :
* Power Source : 230V AC, ± 10%, 50Hz.
* Light Source : LED Light to examine babies.
* Heater Capacity : 600 Watts.
* Power Consumption : 800 Watts at 100% Heater power.


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